About Our Services and Prices

Web Design Prices

The table to the right covers some of the services that falls under Web Design. Please click here for Price Estimates for Web Design Services.

Web Design Services

  • Website Facelift

    If you currently have a website, and you a ready for a new look and feel. This is called a Website Facelift. You can make minor changes or a complete website overhaul

  • New Development

    If you currently to not have a website, this would be a new development project. We will send you a survey to fill out to help us get an idea of your needs and who is your customer base.

  • Website Debugging

    A number of our clients initially contact us to assist with a bug in their website. This can happen due to hacking or a mistake. This is common for WordPress sites to have issues when new plugins or themes are activated.

  • Mobile Enabled

    A Mobile Enabled website is a website who has a design specific for mobile devices. We have the ability to take the look and feel of your currently website and make it a responsive (mobile friendly) website. Google also stated for good placement, your website should be mobile friendly.

SEO & Marketing Prices

Just because you have a website, does not mean it will bring you business. One of the hardest things about a web presents is driving traffic and business to your website. The table to the right covers services that fall under this category. Click here to learn about the specific Pricing for SEO and Marketing Services.

Search Engine and Marketing Services

  • SEO Setup

    For current existing websites, we perform a SEO Setup. This is a one time review and modification of your website to make it more search engine friendly.

  • Ongoing SEO

    After the SEO setup, you are going to want someone to work on the site monthly in order to ensure your placement improves. Using a number of methods, we work weekly to improve your placement online.

  • Article and Newsletters

    Nothing helps a website more then having fresh relevant content. We can supply written unique content specifically for your website to assist with your ongoing marketing plan.

  • Social Media

    A lot of business owners doe hot have time to work their social media network. We can maintain and grow your online social network without much input for the client.

Hosting Prices

Why pay for hosting services when there are folks giving away free services? Do you trust your business to these free services that could disappear tomorrow? Click here to learn more about our Hosting Prices.

Hosting Services

  • Website Hosting

    If you just have one site to host, this is called a shared hosting account. We can support your needs by offering a fast and secure hosting platform.

  • Email

    If you are in need of profession email services, we are able to help. We can offer your @YourDomain email accounts for cheaper then Google and MS Hosted Exchange.

  • Dedicated Hosting

    There are many places that offer dedicated servers. But, to them you are only a number. We are a boutique hosting provider who knows and remembers your mission and hosting needs.

  • FTP

    We offer FTP services for you and your clients. Our services are secure and you can FTP using FTP-SSL. Our setup enables you to have one master FTP account and upload to “children” FTP accounts.

Cloud Backup Prices

If you are an CTO or a company in need of backing up your servers, you know how hard it is to find a cloud service for a good prices. Click here to Learn about our Backup Services.

Backup Solutions

  • Server Backups

    We offer you the option to backup Windows or non-windows servers. All through a control panel you can login to and manage.

  • Desktop Backups

    If you are looking for a solution for your office desktops we can help. You have the same control as the server backup solution we provide.