Local, State, and Federal Government Consulting

Governments operate in an environment where the demand for services and access to information is increasing rapidly. Citizens are demanding lower cost services that are available to everyone outside the constraints of office buildings and office hours. In addition, staff to meet these increasing demands is difficult to obtain. Governments are compelled to work smarter by improving productivity, services, availability, responsiveness and more effective use of technology.

Applied Tactics Government Consulting Services works with all levels of government to provide solutions for productivity and technology challenges.

We help clients improve customer cycle time and reduce the hours and costs associated with work time. We have also helped clients to re-engineer their processes through simplification, rearranging work, eliminating or reducing work and taking advantage of technology. Our consultants have years of experience working with several government agencies.


Applied Tactics offers comprehensive information (IT) solutions for government and commercial clients world wide:

  • Web Application Development (508 compliant)
  • Information Systems Planning
  • Software Development
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Systems and Computer Operations Audit
  • Systems Integration
  • Project Management
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Custom Hardware Support
  • Consulting Services
  • Tech Writing Specialist
  • Database Development

The following is a list of basic needs companies wish to attain when implementing an effective information technology system:

  • Measurable cost reduction
  • More efficient processes and operations
  • Improved mission readiness
  • Develop a consistent technology architecture and standards baseline
  • Develop consistent technology architecture
  • Provide leadership in planning for the effective use of technology

Achieving these goals can require anything from a simple software upgrade to a custom software application that completely transforms your supply chain. To make sure your needs are met, Applied Tactics allows you to obtain everything from hardware support to customized software applications. Our commitment to you is the following.

  • Simplicity, reduce the complexity of an organization’s IT infrastructure.
  • Satisfaction, for our customers and their employees.
  • Service Excellence, our customers receive 110% toward the task at hand.
  • Science, discovery and innovation.
  • Savings, improve productivity and to reduce costs.

When you approach us, whether you need help and advice on products and technology, or are looking for something more, our commitment to you is the following:

  • An IT Specialist who will listen and work with you to address your real business challenges and issues
  • Trained professionals providing a source of information you can trust and offering value to your organization
  • As much or as little help as you require
  • A positive business experience

Applied Tactic’s staff is constantly on top of the latest developments and innovations in IT. This means that we can advise you on the benefits, or drawbacks, of buying the latest hardware and software equipment of your organization. The services portfolio of Applied Tactics includes:

  • Application Development and Implementation
  • Consultant Services
  • Production Support and System Maintenance

Applied Tactics offers a full range of Information Technology services and solutions, including software application development, database administration, network maintenance, and help desk service.

Applied Tactics specializes in various databases, operating systems, and network protocols to support your organization.

For more information about Applied Tactics services, please contact your local Applied Tactics representative.