Web Design Services in Leesburg VA

Applied Tactics has called Leesburg VA (Loudoun County) it’s home base for over 15 years now. During that time, We have supported Leesburg VA companies, associations and even the Town of Leesburg with Web Design assistance.


Retail in Leesburg

Leesburg is full of retail shops. What better way to open up these retail products to the world then through an ecommerce website?

Retail Website “Should Haves”

  • Nice Trustworthy Website Design
  • Ecommerece Ability
  • Optimized for Search Engines
  • Online Payment Processing
  • Reliable Website Hosting

Associations & Nonprofits

Leesburg VA is very proud of all their associations and nonprofits. We are here to help with membership and donations. Our associations and Nonprofit sites include.

Association and Nonprofit Websites

  • Members Area
  • Online Donations
  • Event Management


Government Contractors

Leesburg VA is only around 30 miles from Washington DC. In being so close to Washington DC a number of government contractors have made Leesburg VA their home base for business.

Government Contractor Must Haves

  • White Papers
  • GSA Schedule
  • Past Performance

Applied Tactics Overview

Since 2001 Applied Tactics has done a number of things to give back to the Leesburg community. Some of them are outlined here.

History of our Leesburg Support

  • Loudoun Free Clinic

    For almost 8 years, Applied Tactics supported the Loudoun Free Clinic. Saving the nonprofit an estimated $10,000 in technical support.

  • Loudoun Crime Commission

    Applied Tactics gave free support to the Loudoun Crime Commission. During the years of support, it is estimated our donations to this association was in excess of $8,000

  • Loudoun Bar Association

    For 10 years, Applied Tactics supported the Loudoun Bar association with free hosting and a free website. An estimated savings of $6,000.

  • Main Street Loudoun

    For a number of years, Applied Tactics supported the Main Street Loudoun program. During this time, we offered technical guidance on how to grow the program.