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Shortcomings You Didn’t Know About WIX, Godaddy, And SquareSpace

Websites are becoming essential by the day as many companies, institutions, and blogging sites want their online presence felt. Despite the level of growth of your business, having a professional website is equally vital. A well-designed website can take your business to the next level and at the same time provide a platform that will allow you to communicate with your customers effectively and efficiently. Effective communication between a company and its customers is key to the success of any business. WIX, Godaddy, and Squarespace are website builders that facilitate the process of creating websites for companies and individuals.

Despite the excellent features and advantages that are offered by the above website builders, they have downsides too. The points listed below explain in details why NOT to use WIX, Godaddy, Squarespace for your business website.

Disadvantages of WIX Website Builder

1. Expensive Premium Packages– For small businesses that are planning to create business websites for a few months, it can be hard for them to cope with the charges for premium WIX services.

2. Lack of Customization Features– WIX websites do not give you a chance to create your customized designs. The feature limits users from including their personalized designs in the WIX websites.

3. Inability to Handle Bulky Pages– The navigation menu can only hold a limited number of items making it hard to include large and complex website structures on the website.

4. Limited Features in Free version– Users with the WIX free version enjoy few privileges.

5. Persistent WIX Ads– The WIX ads cannot be removed from websites created with the WIX free version.

Disadvantages of Godaddy Website Builder

1. Very Simple Design– Although the Godaddy website builder offers many themes to choose from, the interface has very basic designs that cannot be used for complex websites.

2. Challenges in Navigating Between Different Themes– The website makes it hard to switch from one theme to another without losing your information.

3. Sites Cannot be Secured– The Godaddy website does not have provisions for protecting specific web pages using passwords.

4. Absence of a Free Plan– Godaddy does not give a free website hosting plan.

Disadvantages of Squarespace Website Builder

1. Expensive Hosting Packages– The cost of hosting a Squarespace website is higher than that of WIX website.

2. Absence of a Free Plan– Squarespace does not offer a first free plan for its customers.

3. Inability to Support Extensions- Squarespace lacks the capabilities for supporting third-party applications and extensions.

4. Design Process is Not User-Friendly– Adding more web content, editing templates, and opening new web pages are a few of the tasks that require expertise to perform while designing a Squarespace website.

5. Labor Intensive Marketing– Squarespace websites have advanced tools of marketing which require highly specialized knowledge to work with. Additionally, more marketing features are missing in Squarespace websites making it hard to reach more customers quickly.

In conclusion, understanding the shortcomings of WIX, Godaddy, and Squarespace website builders is very vital so that sound decisions are made on which website builder to work with for your website.