9 Traffic-Converting Web Design Tips for Ecommerce Websites

The fundamental objective of web design is to ensure that the buyer’s passage to checkout is as swift and smooth as possible. Here are nine tips that will not only help you generate traffic but also convert that traffic into sales.

While aesthetics are an important aspect of website design, the ultimate test of an ecommerce website is its ability to contribute to sales.
Incorporate these tried and tested traffic converting web design tips for your ecommerce websites, and reap the rewards.

1. Your website could cater to an international clientele or local customers; it should facilitate easy refining of options by the visitors on a given page. If you’re interested in web development in Virginia, make sure that the web developer understands the significance of filters. Filters will allow you to present prospective buyers with the most relevant results for the search terms entered. Common filters include size, dimensions, cost, new arrivals, most popular, free shipping, etc.

2. The search bar should be accessible. It is often the first thing that a visitor on the site looks for. That is where the transaction process commences for most of us. Ensure that the search bar is easily visible.

3. The web designer should ensure that if an item is out of stock, the information is made clear whenever the said item is displayed. Do not remove the webpage from the site; that’s bad SEO.

4. The web design should show off product images to the maximum effect. Get your Leesburg VA web development company to make it easy for you to upload multiple images, and also ensure the facility of zooming in on an image. Slide shows are an idea.

5. The shopping cart should be visible on every page. The shopping cart should be intuitive to use. It should contain useful information such as the cost, number of items added, and suggestions for cross selling and up selling.

6. Consider fly-out menus. They help conserve space on the site and allow you to create an uncluttered site. Such drop down menus improve effective navigation. There are many sites that you can look up to get an idea of what a good drop down menu looks like. Breadcrumbs and easily visible back buttons are other useful contributors to smooth navigation.

7. Web design should work synergistically with SEO. Consider selecting a web design firm that knows the ins and outs of SEO as well. You will have only one party to communicate with. And, every time you need an update to either the SEO or web design, you can easily get it done, such that neither aspect of your ecommerce site is compromised.

8. Make it easy for the visitors to share your pages on social media. They should be able to leave comments and reviews on the page without having to run through hoops. Enable social logins for comments and also purchases.

9. Add a sign-up form for newsletters. This simple provision by your web development Northern Virginia company can build a database of newsletter subscribers for your brand. You can get repeat business from them.