Is WordPress the Best Tool for You?

For those who do not know what WordPress is, it is a Content Management System (CMS).  A CMS is a system that allows non-coders to update a website without knowing any web programming languages.  There are many CMSs on the market.  Some of them are free to use some of them are not.

WordPress is an Open Source CMS product on the market.  Around 50% of the websites on the Internet are in this CMS.  To run this CMS, your hosting provider needs to be able to support it (PHP/MySQL Database)

The Pros about WordPress are

  • Free to use
  • Enables users to update pages and posts on their website very easly.
  • One can add dynamic features to the website (such as a members area) by installing a WordPress Plugin.
  • One can make easy adjustments to the site to increase the SEO.
  • There is a a lot of folks who can help with WordPress if needed.

Some of the Cons are

  • Might have to have help getting one setup, if your hosting company does not have an WordPress deploy feature
  • For non-technical folks, making major edits to the website template will be really hard.
  • It is easy to mess up the site by installing a bad plugin.
  • Because WordPress is Open Source, it is important to keep the latest version installed (to prevent hacking from exploiting security issues)

Our conclusion is if your site is going to be dynamic, with lots of updates…this is a wonderful tool.

If you would like a WordPress site or you are having issues with your current one, we would be happy to assist.